Meter Data Management & Mobile Data Collection

  • Water, Gas and Heat

  • Temetra is a leading provider of cloud-based meter data management for water, gas and heat meters. Using software-as-a-service, we deliver leading edge data management tools to individual, discrete networks without the need for costly infrastructure at every site.

    A system integrator of best in class automatic meter reading, we give you access to a choice of vendors for your meter reading technology.

  • Built for High Volume Data

  • As meter reading technology advances, the volume of data available from meters is increasing by several orders of magnitude.

    Using Temetra's modern internet based repository, you’ll have a seamless path to scale and meet the needs of the ever increasing volume of data, without the need to maintain and replace expensive locally-installed servers and software.

  • AMR and AMI Integration

  • Temetra integrates several leading Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technologies to deliver a truly modern Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) down to very small scale networks.

    You no longer need to be a large utility to reap the benefits of AMI. As a single service-based offering delivered to many networks, we can keep the technology up to the minute and provide you with immediate access.