Temetra Issue Tracker allows you record work and customer service issues in a database, integrated with Temetra meter management.

For example, if a meter reader notices a leak before meter during a normal meter reading tour, this can be inserted as an issue into the tracker. Somebody in Water Services will then assign the investigation and fix to a crew, and finally approve the work. Each of these stages is logged in the tracker, with notifications to all relevant personnel.

Issues are transferred to the handheld for meter readers, helping them identify persistent problems while they are in the field.┬áBecause the issue tracker is integrated into Temetra meter management, easy links are provied between the two. When you’re looking at a meter or account in Temetra, you see a summary of all related issues, open and closed. When looking at an issue in the tracker, there’s a link back to the meter details within Temetra.