Scaling in 2013

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The number of meters hosted by Temetra underwent spectacular growth in 2013 due to some big UK utilities adopting us for their mobile data collection.

We’ve invested heavily in R&D since 2010, putting in place a platform that was well tested in preparation for a big increase in data, allowing us to maintain our data integrity and high availability record during all this period.

In 2013, we added support and project management staff to ramp up our ability to manage the new customers, got our ISO27001 certification, and introduced a new user interface for up to date browsers and mobile.

Big Data Infrastructure, and how we got here

Our meter data and collection platform has now been proven in production by some of the world’s largest water companies. We bring modern big-data handling and analysis to the utility industry, building on the progress made by Internet companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter in managing very high volume data and instantaneous manipulation.

While we started out using a simple database, since 2011 we’ve been introducing new technology behind the scenes, like Solr and Basho’s Riak, a No-SQL repository to help us scale Temetra and give us capacity to grow while maintaing our record on rock-solid data integrity. Like any new technology, it takes time to understand how to best apply in our specific application, but we’re now class leaders in innovative application of modern tools for meter data.

Our combination of delivering MDM as a service, using an innovative data storage and manipulation engine means we’re well placed for new developments in the next few years.


Exciting Year ahead

As we continue to introduce more features around mapping and drive-by meter reading, 2014 will be a another busy year at Temetra. We’re currently bringing two large networks on-board and starting some exciting new developments that will bring further improvements to our customers.

Happy New Year to all our customers, partners and suppliers.