Full asset management for your metersmeterview

Record all details about your meters in one place, with full history of all readings, installation details, photos, AMR transponders.Temetra is for all your meters, including billing meters, district meters and high volume consumers. Readings are consolidated in one area, irrespective of how the reading was obtained – manual, walk-by, drive-by, GSM logger, or entered via the website at a remote location.


Latest technology incorporated into meter reading

With GPS coordinates and photos for all your meter locations available directly on your meter reader’s handheld, we can dramatically improve meter reader efficiency. We can optionally geo-locate every meter reading to allow you quickly collect co-ordinates for all your meter locations.


Billing by Temetra or external billing system

Temetra has an internal bill generation facility, including display of extended AMR data to the customer (for example 12 monthly histograms of consumption. However, we aim to have best-in-class integration with major billing systems like Agresso. Temetra handles all the extended data for meters that Agresso cannot record, but you
get the integrated billing facilities of an external system.


Easy-to-use readings system and comprehensive reporting

For smaller networks such as those that exist in Ireland, meter reading is a part-time job and so needs to be simple to use with systematic features to ensure a smooth reading of all meters in a timely and efficient fashion. Temetra is ideal because it allows readings from a variety of sources, comprehensive reporting on tours and individual meters, and standard web site facilites that require a minimum of training.


Flow rate with timeline


Web based, secure access by authorized personnel, consultants or customers

Because Temetra is web based with secure SSL access, anyone with the necessary authority can view or even edit the data on your network. External consultants can have fully secured access, customers can view their meter readings, and network personnel have layered access levels to the data.


Customer Portal

Any customer with an email address can now have full access to their meter data, from simple eyeball reads, through wireless AMR, all the way to fixed network GSM-based data loggers.