Temetra Meter Data Management

Temetra is an MDM delivered as a service, accessed from anywhere with a web browser. We scale from small meter networks with a handful of meters, all the way to large scale utilities with over 1 million meters using a mixture of eyeball, AMR and AMI to collect index data.

Built using modern web technology and user experience, we provide visualization of your meter data from single meters to aggregate analytics.


 geo-routing  meterview
Interactive geo-routing of meters for meter readers Detailed view of a single meter
heatmap high resolution data
Analysis on millions of endpoints and display results on map High resolution data from meters with fast zooming
meter-data-vis meter-photos
Long-term historical view of meter data

Temetra stores millions of photos for meters, with location

information and details about individual readings


We store terrabytes of data on behalf of our customers, who use Temetra to host data on millions of meters.