Diehl, Itron drive-by, Homerider & Sensus AMR

As part of a recent contract, we now support Diehl drive-by AMR. This is a one-way protocol that provides high speed data collection, particularly interesting for high-density deployments where all the meters are wireless reads. Temetra Reader has been been developed to not only support passive data collection, but also provide real-time reporting of missed meters using GPS-based analysis.

In another advance, we can now read Itron Anyquest in fully automated drive-by mode using GPS positioning to automatically initiate communications with each meter. This offers significantly higher read rates when compared to walk-by, or reading from a car where manual intervention is required.

In other developments of Temetra Reader, we now also support the latest Homerider G2 module, and Sensus multi-mode meters such as iPerl.

We’ve got a new page on our site with a helpful summary of all supported AMR & AMI at a glance.

Further expansion in UK and beyond

Following further recent wins, Temetra is now the leading provider of mobile data collection and storage in the UK. Our advanced technology bring significant improvements in efficiency and data quality to some of the world’s largest water utilities, but also gives them improved choices around data collection technology.

We’ve improved our website, making it work much better on mobile devices, and multi-lingual versions of pages.


Reader for Android Preview, Testers required

A secret R&D project months in the making, we’re now ready to preview our new Android based meter reading software. This is a ground-up rewrite of our mobile data collection software using all we’ve learned from previous projects. In our 12 years, AMR has improved significantly, but different vendors have made different choices based on the constraints imposed on them by technology and meter deployments, and our Android App is built on a more flexible UI, making it easier to support the wide variety of meter reading scenarios.

Temetra Reader on Windows Mobile is constrained by technology, where the screens, integration and processing power lag what’s widely available in the smartphone and tablet world. Android gives us access to a dynamic and fast changing platform that’s more suited to the variety of meter reading styles required by

Here are some teaser screenshots from our development builds, and if you’re interested in testing Android capabilities contact support@temetra.com