Temetra, as a web enabled service, puts a high value on customer data and operates best industry practice in all areas of data integrity.

Temetra operates on dedicated servers with no other web applications running, in a secure network facility that is manned 24/7, with generator backup and switched network connections to five Tier 1 networks. These facilities allow us to have more than 99.95% uptime and accessibility to your data.


ISO27001 Certified

ukas-27001-badgeTemetra has ISO27001:2005 certification for information security related to provision of Meter Data Management service. This is independently verified assurance that we use best industry practice when managing our customer’s data


Secure Web Access

Access to customer data is only available through our secure web application using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. When accessing your network on Temetra, you will see a small padlock icon at the bottom of your browser, showing you that all information between your computer and Temetra is encrypted from unauthorized access. This is the same technology used by all the major secure sites on the Internet.

We use a root certificate authority certified in all the major browsers, so there is no need for any additional software or downloads.


Data Protection

Temetra is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland, and guarantee that all customer data is held only with EU boundary, and in properly secured data centres. We are a registered data processor, with registration number 10931/A.

High Availability

We run Temetra on state of the art infrastructure, with all your data stored on secure servers operating with fully redundancy. In the event of any failure, other server automatically take over the load without any loss of data. We’ve been operating Temetra for more than 8 years in the cloud, without any loss of data.


Business Continuity

In the unlikely event of all servers in our main data centre simultaneously going off-line, we have additional servers on stand-by in an alternative data centre to ensure timely restoration of all Temetra services.