Temetra has many features to help collect more readings per day, while improving reliability and accuracy.



Our customers report over 30% more readings per day using Temetra as a simple drop-in replacement for their existing mobile data collection. Using our advanced in-field communications, routing and allocation features, this can be further increased.

Reading rates are not so simple, because what’s really important is collecting reliable, accurate billable readings. We have customers who report 60% reduction in call-backs using Temetra to ensure first-time readings they can trust, using a combination of:

  • In the field GPS and photos to locate meters
  • GPS recording of locations when reading
  • Photos taken by the meter reader of skips or problematic meters
  • Variable-frame data collection



Temetra’s easy to use planning and allocation tools are used by our customers for small scale ad-hoc readings by one our two meter readers, all the way to tens of thousands of reads per day using teams of more than 100 meter readers. We bring modern tools from Internet-based software to utilities – high speed searching & mapping, intuitive user interface and a rapidly evolving feature set.




Route management with easy route resequencing, GPS co-ordinates available, photographs and PDF sketches showing location, AMR support (low power wireless and GSM) all contribute to making the job of reading meters a well defined procedure, rather than a time consuming and error-prone chore.

For utilities without full GPS mapping on all meter locations, we offer a Bluetooth enabled GPS device that will automatically collect coordinates during a meter reading route. This quickly gives you full coverage, but also improves integrity of eyeball readings.

Readings can be entered via the website, handheld computer, AMR, or fully automatic via GSM loggers.

It’s almost impossible to find a single technical solution to all meter readings, but with a variety of options available, we allow you chose a mixture that suits you. For walk-by, we have choice of quarter wave and half wave antennae, and for drive-by, a magnetic roof mounted antenna.

GSM data loggers are available with built-in, wall mounted, or roadway-embedded antenna to give reliable operation.