• Focus on the data rather than the collection
    Temetra provides a comprehensive data collection infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on using the data available from advanced metering rather than the technology user to collect it.
    Meter information is now available using a variety of manufacturers and technologies depending on the application and many of these require investment in computers, database software, phone lines, and dedicated servers. By using the Temetra service, you see a simple, consistent interface with all the details of the data gathering technology handled by our dedicated team.
  • No up-front cost. Predictable, transparent pricing
    Because we are a web-based service, you don’t need to buy a dedicated PC or install any software.
    Input your initial meter route using the simple web interface and you’re ready to read meters. When used in conjunction with a handheld walk-by system, you then download the route to the hand-held, collect the data via telemetry, upload the data back to the system and view it anywhere.
  • Scalable solution
    The service is ideal for networks that are introducing or retro-fitting telemetry and advanced data meters. Unlike dedicated software products, we work equally well on networks with less than 50 meters all the way to very large installations, and because our pricing structure is based on the number of meters in your network, we are significantly more cost effective on the small to medium sized networks. For large networks, our dedication to providing you with the data you need, in the format you need it, means you can concentrate on getting more efficiency from your network and providing value added services to your customers.
  • Pick the most appropriate collection method
    Many collection methods are inappropriate for a small number of meters because of the investment required in infrastructure and training. Temetra allows you to introduce the most appropriate collection method rather than the one that involves the least infrastructure and support.
  • Your data is safe
    We use a highly reliable co-location facility to store your data and back-up data to a geographically different location. At all times your data is available to download onto your PC as an XML file or CSV file that can be loaded into any spreadsheet application such as Excel.
  • Access to on-going improvements without service interruption
    Since you access the system over the internet, there’s no need extra burden on your I.T. department and improvements are immediately available without further software installation and down-time.
  • Access your data anywhere
    Any PC or device with access to the internet can be used to log in and view the meter readings and reports. This is useful for networks with more than one office that needs access to the data.
    For example, your network management offices can log in and see all the data available from the network, while your billing department has acess to the data for the entire region as soon as collection is complete. No need for internal networks or costly data transfer.
    In addition, the data is accessible in the field through mobile phone & laptop, where access to advanced data such as leakage information can be valuable in fault finding or efficiency improvement.