Temetra integrates Homerider short range drive-by and walk-by radio modules. We capture all the extended data, including ad-hoc reads from transponders whose meters are not in the current route.

The Homerider G2 modules offers mixed mode deployments, and Temetra can read the modules in all modes – walk-by, drive-by and fixed-network.

By using the beltbox radio paired to handheld, we allow reading of mixed transponder types with a single meter reading system.


Temetra also integrates with Homerider Fusion, storing 15 minute data, including extended meter read information, and complimenting the Fusion network management functionality.

Homerider Product Temetra Support
Transponder G1 Low-power radio walk-by. Multi-frame support
Transponder G2 Low power radio, multi-mode. Walk-by and drive-by supported
Fusion Fixed network AMI data transfer support