As an Internet based specialist MDM service, we understand that we need excellent integration with third-party data and technologies.


For AMR / AMI, we can integrate:

  • At the protocol level with vendor libraries for mobile data collection
  • Receiving data over the Internet directly from devices
  • SMS via SMPP or M2M API
  • JMS or AMQP
  • SFTP scheduled file transfer


For billing, work management and GIS integration

  • Simple CSV spreadsheet, to extract and import bulk data
  • XML based API with published schema for computer to computer
  • Standards-based extraction of GIS data (GPX, KML)
  • Direct bi-directional integration with external database
  • Automated, secure upload of external data into Temetra using Temetra Uploader




EverBlu Cyble RF and AnyQuest Pulse low power radio walk-by AMR. We have drive-by capabilities for two-way AMR using GPS assisted meter reading. 


Elster low power radio walk-by handheld meter reading system in two-way or bubble up modes, including hybrid meter.



Sensus low power radio walk-by handheld meter reading using Coronis, and we’re integrating Sensus’ latest two-way AMR. We integrate with Sensus Flexnet directly at the head-end for fixed network metering.


logo_homeridersystems Mobile reading of Homerider in 2-way or 1.5 way modes, or head-end (Fusion) integration for fixed network metering.


Gero DL09 SMS data logger


Iskraemeco P2G and P2W SMS data loggers


Elgas maxiElcor GSM volume convertor for gas metering



Psion Workabout Pro Generations 1, 2 & 3


Temetra is part of the National Smart Metering Plan in Ireland, courtesy of our work with Bord Gáis Networks.



Agresso water module integration for Irish Local Authorities