The P2G is an integrated data logger, GSM modem and safety isolation unit in a single device. The internal GSM modem provides a reliable means to communicate data by SMS messages as a part of an AMR, energy management or monitoring system for industrial gas and water metering.

The unit is approved and manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001 and designed conforming to Iskraemeco’s own stringent internal standards derived from extensive field and manufacturing experience.



The P2W is a data logger, a GSM modem and antenna packaged in a single enclosure rated to IP68, designed specifically to log data from water meters and transmit via SMS. Designed to be fitted in a standard coaxial meter chamber using a lid adapter.






From: the Iskrameco P2W Manual:

Mass (kg) 0.40 0.40
Dimensions (mm) 180 x 105 x 44 149 x 115
Operating temp. range (°C) -20 … +60 -20 … +55
Comments Suitable for zone zero (0) Suitable for standard water meter box