Flexnet is a long range radio system by Sensus, using licensed spectrum to provide a fixed network solution for meter reading.



Temetra connects directly to the head-end receiving data in real time from the transponders, typically storing 15 minute interval data. Temetra has the capacity to manage the high volume data from fixed-network solutions like Flexnet, with long term storage of all metadata and the ability to back-fill data from out of sequence packets.

Once in Temetra, we provide analytics on the high-volume data, with the ability to show the detailed information to end-users through our customer portal, and near real-time alarms based on flow rate or time-of-use thresholds.



Sensus Product Temetra Support
Legacy Coronis Low-power radio walk-by. Multi-frame support
iPerl Low power radio, multi-mode support.
R315 Low power radio, multi-mode support.
Flexnet Fixed network, long range-radio system.

Full AMI interval data, direct from head-end using high-speed queues for near real-time availability of data in Temetra