Embedded Maps using OSM

We’re now using OpenStreetMap to show maps throughout Temetra. Using these high quality crowdsourced maps allows us to give display more visual information about your meters, without the high costs normally associated with map display on subscription web sites.

Temetra has contributed much of the initial mapping in the Clonmel area, and we’re delighted that the quality is now high enough use it for all our customers.

Fieldwork Version 2.0

Fieldwork has been updated to include some new features aimed at improving usability. We can now vary the forms displayed per-network, and more feedback is given when communicating with Temetra. As usual, use the upgrade button within Temetra Fieldwork to upgrade your version to the latest available.



GS828 3G data Logger

We have now integrated another data source for sensor data in Temetra. This powered data logger has up to 15 input channels and uses GPRS/3G for communications with Temetra. This data logger is best suited to housed locations where high frequency updates are required. Contact sales@temetra.com for pricing and availability.